Public Speaking

There is an opportunity for any member of the public who is a resident of the Combined Authority or councillor from a constituent council to ask a question. The total time allocated for public questions is normally 30 minutes.

If you wish to ask a question please email or send your question to Kim Sawyer, the Combined Authority’s Monitoring Officer by midday 3 working days before the day of the meeting.

Please provide:
• your name, address and contact details
• the name of your organisation, if the question is being asked on their behalf
• details of the question you wish to ask
• the name or position of the board member you wish to address the question to
• brief information about how the subject affects you, e.g. as a resident of the area, a member of a constituent council


You are only allowed to submit one question per meeting.

Your question:

•must relate to a matter that the Combined Authority has responsibility for or affects the area of the Combined Authority
•cannot be illegal, improper, defamatory, frivolous or offensive. This includes making unfair claims about Members of the Combined Authority or constituent authority staff
•cannot be a repeated question that has already been asked in the past year 
•cannot request access to information that is deemed confidential or exempt


The process

• At the meeting, the Chair will invite you to put your the question. You will have up to two minutes to do so

• You may ask a supplementary question if there is sufficient time. The supplementary question must arise directly out of the original question or the reply and is limited to 1 minute

• Up to two minutes are allowed for answering a question or supplementary question

If you are unable to be at the meeting, you can ask for a written response. No debate will be allowed on the question or the response.

Copies of all questions will be circulated to all Members. Questions and answers will be added to the Combined Authority website and you will be sent a copy. Any question which cannot be dealt with, either because of lack of time will be dealt with by a written answer.


Petitions from the public

If you have a petition with at least 500 signatures, you may present it to the Combined Authority Board. You will be allowed to address the meeting briefly (not exceeding three minutes) to outline the aims of the petition. The Chair will refer the matter to another appropriate body or to the Chief Executive unless a relevant item appears elsewhere on the agenda.

A petition should be received by the Monitoring Officer no later than midday three working days before the day of the meeting.