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Adult Education Budget


Devolution of the Adult Education Budget for 2020/21 academic funding year enables the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority to take responsibility for delivering high quality adult education in the local area.

It provides the opportunities for the Combined Authority to understand the unique circumstances of local people, employers, communities and the suppliers of education and training including independent training providers, FE Colleges and local authorities. It will give the Combined Authority the advantage of being closer to the locality and therefore an ability to be more responsive flexible and agile to meeting local priorities. The Combined Authority had produced a Local Industrial Strategy and Skills Strategy that set out our skills priorities and their expected impact.

These priorities will look to:

  • Achieve a  high-quality offer tailored to the needs of the three sub economies (Fenland, Peterborough and South Cambridgeshire) 
  • Empower local people to access education and skills to participate fully in society, to raise aspirations and enhance progress into further learning to work 
  • Develop a dynamic skills market that responds to the changing needs of local business 

The AEB aims to assist in meeting these priorities by engaging with adults and employers to provide the skills and learning needed in the area to equip adults for work, upskill current employers and find specialist training. The AEB enables tailored programmes of learning to be made available to help adults engage in leaning, build their confidence, enhance their wellbeing and provide skills to meet present and future employment opportunities.

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Adult Education Budget will focus on:

  • Targeting low skilled and low paid adult residents in the workforce and an increased flexible delivery of learning that supports adults in work to upskill
  • Targeting sustainable employment for the unemployed
  • Increasing digital skills for everyone 
  • Targeting individuals in the priority communities 
  • Improving progression between levels particularly from level 1 and 2 and beyond to level 3 

AEB Providers 

To meet the local skills priorities and the expected impact of AEB, the Combined Authority developed a commissioning approach that involved a combination of plan-led grant funding and procured provision.

Following the successful completion of our procurement process this year, we have awarded contracts to the following independent training providers:

  1. Back 2 Work Complete Training
  2. Nacro
  3. Steadfast
  4. The Skills Network

Following the successful completion of our delivery planning process, we have awarded grant funding to the following colleges and local authorities:

  1. Cambridge Regional College
  2. Cambridgeshire County Council 
  3. Central Bedfordshire 
  4. College of West Anglia
  5. Peterborough City Council (City College)
  6. North Hertfordshire College
  7. Rutland County Council
  8. Hills Road Sixth Form
  9. West Suffolk College
  10. Bedford College
  11. Inspire Education Group 

Should you have any general questions in relation to AEB please contact us at AEBDevolution@cammbridgeshirepeterborough-ca.gov.uk

Click here to view the local AEB training offer.

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Adult Education Budget Team

Parminder Singh Garcha                                                                                                                                                                                                          Senior Responsible Officer – Adult Education                                                                                                                    Parminder.SinghGarcha@cambridgeshirepeterborough-ca.gov.uk

Janet Warren
AEB Commissioner

Amos Akinwale
AEB Programme Officer

Please continue to re-visit this page for updates and further information in relation to the Adult Education Budget Devolution.

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