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National Retraining Scheme

The Government announced at the 2017 Autumn Budget that it would introduce a National Retraining Scheme, to help workers retrain as the economy changes.  

This was followed up in the 2018 Autumn Budget, were the Chancellor announced a £100 million commitment to start the initial roll out of the National Retraining Scheme. This funding will allow us to start delivering parts of the service to the public from next year and allow us to substantively test, evaluate and learn as we build the service. 

The National Retraining Scheme is being developed by a Partnership between Government, Confederation of British Industry and the Trade Union Congress, working closely with potential users of the Scheme and providers.

The Government has committed to introducing the National Retraining Scheme in this Parliament. 

Why a National Retraining Scheme?


  • The Scheme need to respond to structural trends, which will impact on the labour market and drive the need for lifelong training (e.g. Automation, Longer working lives and productivity challenges).
  • Automation has the potential to cause a significant impact on the economy, with the most disruption for people who are low skilled and are least able to adapt.
  • Both workers and employers face barriers to learning (motivation, cost, time).


The Scheme will succeed and deliver good value for money if:

  • It takes individuals at risk of their jobs changing or disappearing as a result of automation…
  • …facilitates them gaining the skills they need to move into a new occupation… 
  • …and successfully allows them to move into more stable, high-productive jobs