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Candidates Standing in this Election

Read about standing for Mayor and find key information on our Mayoral Candidates page.

How do I find out about the candidates for Mayor?

The list of candidates standing in this election will be available from 9 April.

Find out more about the mayoral election at Choose Your Mayor.

Contact us about the election via our Contact Us form.

How do I find out about the Election Results?

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Results will also be on the election results page


How can I vote?

To vote in this election you need to be on your council’s electoral register. The deadline to register to vote in this election is Monday 19 April at midnight.  To check your electoral registration, contact your council:

Voting at a polling station

Your polling station will be listed on your poll card. For more information about how or where to vote, contact the relevant electoral services team for your council as above.

For more information about voting and elections visit: www.gov.uk/voting-in-the-uk.

Voting by post

Postal vote packs for this election will be sent around two weeks before the date of the election.  Please contact the electoral services team at your local council if you are concerned you may not receive your postal vote in time.

The deadline for applying to vote by post is Tuesday 20 April at 5pm.  If you are unable to get to your polling station on polling day, you can still apply to vote by proxy.  

Voting by proxy

Proxy voting is when you get someone else to vote on your behalf if you cannot get to your polling station. Your proxy will be able to vote on your behalf at your polling station. The deadline for receiving new proxy application forms is Tuesday 27 April at 5pm.

[Note – the government is amending secondary legislation to further support proxy voting for those people who are affected by the pandemic close to polling day.  For more information contact your local council.]

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