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Latest News September 13, 2021
Adult Education Budget

New skills bursary to help more young people leaving the

Latest News September 9, 2021
Active Travel

Revamped Local Transport Plan to consider improvement to digital infrastructure

Latest News September 9, 2021
Active Travel

22,889 journeys across two cities in 222 days, but where

Latest News September 6, 2021
Boards and Committees

Unlocked funds show confidence in new housing committee and mayor

Latest News August 22, 2021

Combined Authority Board members start roles championing public health and

Latest News August 6, 2021
Active Travel

Mayoral Update on Active Travel Funding

Latest News August 6, 2021

Global life sciences companies compete to invest in Cambridgeshire and

Latest News August 2, 2021
Bus Reform

Putting compassion, co-operation and community at the heart of reinvented

Latest News July 29, 2021
Combined Authority Board

£1.8m funding for Skills Bootcamps to help people into better

Latest News July 26, 2021

Recovery underway in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough economy, but impacts remain

Latest News July 15, 2021
Careers Education

Two schemes announced to help young people into better careers

Latest News July 14, 2021

Experienced public sector leader appointed Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire &