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Latest News September 9, 2021
Business Board

WATCH: Business Board’s Prof Aamir Khalid visits TeraView to see

Latest News August 25, 2021
Green Transport

Zebras take one step closer to becoming a reality in

Latest News August 24, 2021

Mayor’s ‘Net Zero’ call to action puts the Bus into

Latest News July 21, 2021

Mayor welcomes Andy Burnham to Cambridge

Latest News July 12, 2021
Business Board

Business Board vice chair sees how Haverhill innovation centre investment

Latest News July 6, 2021
Combined Authority Board

East West Rail challenged on environment, economy, electrification and community

Latest News June 25, 2021
Community Led Housing

Construction work starts on the long awaited 21 almshouses in

Latest News June 21, 2021
Cambridge South

Cambridge South station takes a step towards reality

Latest News March 22, 2021
£100k Homes

New £100,000 homes to be available in Cambridge City

Latest News March 17, 2021
Boards and Committees

Low Carbon Innovation Fund makes another investment in Cambridgeshire Business

Latest News March 16, 2021
Adult Education Budget

Combined Authority awarded £1 Million to deliver free Level 3

Latest News March 16, 2021
Affordable Housing

Mayor Welcomes Housing Committee’s Housing Programme Decision