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news: east-cambridgeshire

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Latest News October 25, 2022

Details released of bus operators and timetables for withdrawn Stagecoach

Latest News October 3, 2022

Ely Zipper and Wisbech 68 Tesco bus services secured until

Latest News June 23, 2022
Affordable Housing

Combined Authority loan for Alexander House in Ely repaid

Latest News June 20, 2022
Local Growth Fund

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Commits Support the Armed Forces

Latest News June 15, 2022
Affordable Housing

16 affordable new homes completed in Wicken

Latest News June 15, 2022

Stagecoach East hosts community forum to determine travel needs in

Latest News May 17, 2022
Digital Connectivity

Mayor and Connecting Cambridgeshire welcome Openreach investment and news that

Latest News March 25, 2022
Combined Authority Board

Green cycleway bid to link Soham rail station with Wicken

Latest News January 26, 2022

Soham scoops half a million for state-of-the-art business and culture

Latest News January 13, 2022

Combined Authority vote clears the way for A10 improvement

Latest News December 16, 2021

Mayor’s Blog: Platform for the Future

Latest News December 13, 2021

Brass Band and great community turnout as Mayor opens Soham’s