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Latest News September 16, 2021
Business Board

WATCH: Business Board’s Al Kingsley sees how relocated Chatteris aerospace

Latest News September 6, 2021
Boards and Committees

Housing committee approve plans for 27 additional shared ownership homes

Latest News August 31, 2021

So far, Soham good for station opening in December

Latest News August 25, 2021

Mayor’s rescue bid for Wisbech Access gets full backing from

Latest News August 25, 2021
Investment in Market Towns

Peterborough and March receive money from Combined Authority

Latest News August 11, 2021
Agri-tech Growth Initiative

Business Board chair visits upgraded Soham centre nurturing pioneering agri-tech

Latest News August 10, 2021

WATCH: Business Board’s Nitin Patel visits Stainless Metalcraft to see

Latest News August 2, 2021
Business Board

Spades hit the ground at Chatteris training school helping young

Latest News July 29, 2021
Investment in Market Towns

‘Good day for Fenland’ as Combined Authority members unanimously back

Latest News June 30, 2021
Boards and Committees

Fenland market towns scoop a million from Combined Authority

Latest News May 20, 2021

Mayor makes first speech at the Future Fens Taskforce

Latest News March 26, 2021

Market town investment tops £20 million as Combined Authority splashes