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Latest News July 29, 2021

Combined Authority makes time for Hunts and East Cambs market

Latest News July 7, 2021
Community Led Housing

Affordable housing for Great Staughton takes a step forward as

Latest News July 6, 2021
Combined Authority Board

East West Rail challenged on environment, economy, electrification and community

Latest News March 26, 2021

Combined Authority funding for market town projects and Covid bounceback

Latest News March 26, 2021

Market town investment tops £20 million as Combined Authority splashes

Latest News March 18, 2021

Mayor asks Combined Authority to splash out on Wisbech water

Latest News March 17, 2021
Boards and Committees

Low Carbon Innovation Fund makes another investment in Cambridgeshire Business

Latest News March 16, 2021
Adult Education Budget

Combined Authority awarded £1 Million to deliver free Level 3

Latest News March 16, 2021
Affordable Housing

Mayor Welcomes Housing Committee’s Housing Programme Decision

Latest News March 15, 2021
Affordable Housing

£3.1m funding for 82 affordable homes in East Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire,

Latest News March 12, 2021

Digital technology grants for hundreds of regional businesses

Latest News March 10, 2021
A141 Huntingdon

‘Smart savings’ on A141 to fund St Ives travel improvements