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Latest News November 18, 2022
Affordable Housing

Combined Authority Committee approves funding for affordable homes projects

Latest News November 16, 2022

Combined Authority pushes forward A16 Norwood improvement

Latest News November 11, 2022
Digital Connectivity

Free Wifi goes live in Peterborough city centre

Latest News October 25, 2022

Details released of bus operators and timetables for withdrawn Stagecoach

Latest News October 19, 2022
Active Travel

Fengate on safer and healthier route as active travel gets

Latest News October 19, 2022
Active Travel

Peterborough gets two awards of funding for Active Travel

Latest News October 19, 2022

Jump start to get active travel on the road in

Latest News October 19, 2022
Kings Dyke

Combined Authority Clears Way for Removal of King’s Dyke Level

Latest News October 5, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Plans put in for second teaching building featuring the ‘Living

Latest News August 22, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Community Day celebrates completion of first teaching building at Peterborough’s

Latest News August 3, 2022
Peterborough City Council

Combined Authority’s £48m ‘Levelling Up’ bid to Government for Peterborough

Latest News August 2, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Consultation on plans for second teaching building and public science