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news: south-cambridgeshire

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Latest News March 3, 2021

IT and Life Science firms in Cambridge outperforming UK

Latest News March 2, 2021
Boards and Committees

New Business Growth Service to deliver 5200 new jobs

Latest News January 22, 2021
Adult Education Budget

Mayor and Business Board Chairman react to the Government’s Skills

Latest News January 19, 2021

Independent Commission on Public Service Reform (CPICPSR) report published recommending

Latest News January 11, 2021
Affordable Housing

£4.5m funding for 113 affordable homes in East Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire

Latest News January 7, 2021

Mayor backs An Hour to Skill campaign

Latest News January 6, 2021
£100k Homes

Work begins on new £100K homes

Latest News January 6, 2021

Business Bulletin: Issue Number 46

Latest News January 5, 2021

Mayor’s statement on Covid vaccinations and the new national lockdown

Latest News January 4, 2021
Affordable Housing

Fenland market town scoops millions for high street regeneration, helped

Latest News December 24, 2020
£100k Homes

Mayor Blog overview of the year 2020

Latest News December 21, 2020
Affordable Housing

Major milestone for Community Land Trust as keys handed over