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Latest News November 5, 2020

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority work with Voi to provide

Latest News November 3, 2020
A605 Oundle Road

Peterborough A605 improvements completed to benefit all road users

Latest News October 26, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Public to have say on climate change action across Cambridgeshire

Latest News October 23, 2020
Agri-tech Growth Initiative

Fieldwork Robotics Awarded £50,000 to Further Develop Fruit Picking Robot

Latest News October 14, 2020
Active Travel

E-scooters in Cambridge City Centre – new carbon-neutral and socially

Latest News October 8, 2020

Free CambWifi going live in Huntingdonshire market towns

Latest News October 7, 2020
Agri-tech Growth Initiative

Cambridge Business Awarded £40,000 Grant Towards Developing Agricultural Robots

Latest News October 6, 2020

Café culture dreams for Peterborough receive an £800,000 boost thanks

Latest News October 2, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Combined Authority pledges to work with Greater Cambridge Partnership

Latest News October 2, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Combined Authority Board approve £500,000 spend to support young people

Latest News September 30, 2020

Report reveals the impacts of Covid-19 on business and employment

Latest News September 25, 2020
Active Travel

More people helped out of cars and into healthier modes