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Latest News September 21, 2020
Affordable Housing

New bus service linking Bedford to Cambridge through Cambourne carried

Latest News September 10, 2020
Bus Reform

We must use our public transport networks – or risk

Latest News August 28, 2020
Bus Reform

Mayor delivers on promise of new bus routes to link

Latest News August 28, 2020

Mayor welcomes public consultation for Ely North upgrade plans

Latest News August 14, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Fenland towns set to bid for millions of pounds of

Latest News July 23, 2020
Bus Reform

Mayor’s Blog: Showing Covid a Clean Pair of Wheels…

Latest News July 17, 2020
Bus Reform

Mayor James Palmer tours Cambridge City and St Ives with

Latest News July 14, 2020
Adult Education Budget

New £30 million university for Peterborough is officially launched by

Latest News July 10, 2020
Active Travel

Mayor’s Blog: The Urban Spaceman

Latest News June 25, 2020

Mayor’s ‘road-trip’ shares A10 options with public despite Covid

Latest News June 9, 2020

Mayor’s Blog: A Tale of Two Cities – and Eleven

Latest News June 2, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Micro Grants boosting Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s smallest businesses during coronavirus