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Combined Authority Transport Committee - Correction

6 March 2020

CorrectionAt the meeting of the Combined Authority’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee this morning two members of the public attended to exercise their right to ask questions of Mayor James Palmer.  Both questions related to the Cambridge to Cambourne Busway.In responding to the second question the Mayor gave the answer intended for the first question and vice versa. It has therefore been reported on social media that the Mayor answered the question:                 Can the mayor assure us that the GCPs preferred route will be confined to the scrap heap and that the Combined Authority will take a fresh look at the needs of current and future residents of West Cambridge?With                YesThis was an accurate report of what was said but does not reflect the Mayor’s position on the issue.  The Mayor’s position on the GCP’s preferred route was set out in response to first public question, to which he responded:                As outlined in paper we are proposing that we should introduce a strategy for the whole CAM network that will allow us to assess how far the route to the West of Cambridge needs to be reconsidered including the need to take into account the recent announcement around the alignment of East-West Rail which I think is a significant development of which you are aware.  It is important that the two schemes genuinely complement each other and maximise the benefits to the people of Cambridgeshire by provision of a genuine, integrated public transport network.  It is also necessary that individual components of the CAM network should be fully integrated into the overall vision of the metro and I think, just to expand on that a little bit, and this is no fault of the Greater Cambridge Partnership, but their remit is South Cambs and the City.  My job is to try and deliver an integrated public transport system for Cambridgeshire and a little bit like we say about East-West Rail – Cambridge is not a bookend well nor is Cambourne a bookend and we have to look to the wider route and I think it is very important that we do. Clarification of Question and AnswersQuestion 1Will the Combined Authority undertake to listen to the views of the Local Liaison Forum and residents in the villages affected when planning short term public transport improvements between Cambourne and key employment sites in Cambridge?Intended AnswerYesQuestion 2Residents of West Cambridge cautiously welcome your 28th February statement regarding the C2C busway on the Combined Authorities website.

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