The Bus Strategy aims to set out an ambitious vision and strategy to improve our bus network in a way that will benefit the residents and businesses of our region, and to deliver the goals and objectives of the Combined Authority’s Local Transport and Connectivity Plan.

The purpose of the Bus Strategy is not to examine detailed, granular issues around specific routes and services; more to outline the key, strategic aims, objectives, and aspirations of the Combined Authority to enable us to bid for further funding and shape the network to meet the needs of the people of the region.

The aim is to pave the way for a bus network that is convenient, attractive and easy to use, characterised by all of the following attributes:


  • Routes connecting to places and activities that people want to get to.
  • All areas are well served by buses.
  • Direct routes with little deviation.
  • Frequent services with limited waiting time in-between.
  • Services are available all day and into the evening, every day.
  • Range of tickets to meet different needs.


  • The network is simple and easy to understand.
  • Buses enjoy an excellent public image and everyone is happy to use them.
  • Services can be relied upon and runs to time.
  • Cost of using a bus is considered good value for money, with targeted fares that incentivise users.
  • Buses are direct and quick.
  • Buses are clean, comfortable and pleasant to ride on.
  • Services are well marketed and there is plenty of clear information in a range of formats, available via different media.
  • Waiting environments are attractive, offer seating and information, and feel safe to use.
  • Pleasant and helpful drivers, able to assist when needed.
  • Zero emission buses, offering a quiet and smooth ride.
  • A network that evolves in response to changing needs and demands.

Easy To Use

  • A single understandable network that functions as one, with connecting services, branding and system-wide ticketing.
  • Ability for people to transfer between bus and other travel modes (walk, cycle, e-scooter, car, coach, train).
  • A clear service offer, backed by a Passenger Charter.
  • Buses run at regular time intervals and with consistent frequencies.
  • Stable services with minimal changes, removing uncertainty and confusion.
  • Simple fares with payment through a range of methods.
  • A system that is accessible and can be used by all.
  • Plenty of information is readily available.

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