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The pages below provide further detail on the formation, structure, partners and ambitions of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority.

How we plan

The Combined Authority is committed to delivering for people in new ways. We know that you want to see action on much-needed interventions to help our communities thrive: from better transport to more homes and improved (and fairer) opportunities for people and business. We are challenging the status quo on how schemes are delivered, speeding up investments so that we bring returns and stimulus to the economy quicker, and better.

How we work

The work of the Combined Authority is done through a constant flow of democratic decision-making and practical, focused delivery. The elected Mayor, the Combined Authority Board, and the Committees (both comprised of elected members of the Constituent Councils) direct our work to follow your priorities, values and goals for our region; the teams of specialist officers then drive the projects forward on the ground.

Below you can find details of the Boards and Committees of the Combined Authority. The Combined Authority Board and the Committees all meet publicly on Zoom (during Covid-19 restrictions) and in person when possible, and we welcome you attending. You can also ask a public question at any of these meetings: find out more about the process for asking a public question here.

The Business Board, the Skills Board and the Eastern Agri-Tech Panel meet in private. 

You can also find the details of our Governance and Transparency information, including our policies and assurance frameworks below.


who we deliver

You can see both upcoming and past meetings of the Combined Authority Board and the Combined Authority Committees here, including agendas, papers and (for past decisions) the summary of decisions and minutes.


who we deliver

Here you can see the meetings coming up over the coming weeks and months.


who we deliver

The Committees of the Combined Authority are made up of democratically elected members of local councils, who represent your views. You can find out more about the members of the Combined Authority Committees here.


who we deliver

You can see key documents relating to specific projects on the project pages, but the Library holds all of our documents in clear categories. You can browse Archives in each section, read Freedom of Information requests and Environmental Information Regulation requests and find out more about our policies and projects.


who we deliver

Your voice matters: the Combined Authority is led by democratically elected members of local councils who represent your views. We are also passionate about listening to your views on the projects we are delivering across the region.


who we deliver

Governance means the rules and regulations that control the ways in which the Mayor and the Combined Authority, and the Business Board, can act. In this section you will find information on transparency and codes of conduct, our staff structures, and our financial information.


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Meetings of the Combined Authority Board, Business Board and Combined Authority committees are key to the work we do.

The The Combined Authority Board Combined Authority Board and Combined Authority committees meet publicly. We currently livestream our meetings.

Papers are published seven days in advance of the meeting; see meetings and papers here.

You can ask public questions about meetings: find out more about asking a public question here.