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Lightning broadband making life easier in stilton

The first Cambridgeshire resident to be connected to Gigaclear’s full fibre broadband network declared: “Life’s just got a lot easier!” after full-fibre broadband coverage was brought to Stilton in Huntingdonshire back in May 2023.

Sales manager Rich Soper was among 1,390 homeowners in Stilton to benefit from Gigaclear’s £39 million investment in the county. Prior to the connection, Mr. Soper had struggled with slow broadband that hindered his work productivity. However, the new lighting fast connection boosts his ability to work from home – and to stream films in 4K. 

This milestone highlighted the progress encouraged by the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme in ensuring residents have access to fast, reliable broadband connectivity. 

Mr Soper said his job often involved him receiving and sending large audio files and digital CAD drawings which would take up to half an hour to open. He said: “It was becoming impossible. Before getting Gigaclear’s full fibre broadband, I was a customer with one of the big four providers but the broadband speed I was getting on a good day was 23Mbps. This fell way short of what I needed. 

“It’s important for me to me to have a stable, high speed, high bandwidth connection so I switched to Gigaclear and now I’m getting a broadband speed of 500Mbps. It’s very quick and has made a massive difference in my ability to work from home. And, although my primary reason for switching was for work, I can now confidently stream films in 4k if I want – whereas before it was hit and miss. It’s made my life a lot easier and, what’s more, it’s cheaper than what I was paying before!” 

Gigaclear, which is the UK’s largest rural alternative network provider of full fibre broadband allowed us to ensure that residents and businesses in our region have access to fast, reliable digital connectivity.