Six District Challenge

During the summer we set the Mayor a challenge; to travel around the whole of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area using only public transport.

With no prior plan on which routes to take, the Challenge was a unique opportunity to celebrate the progress made in delivering good public transport and identify challenges remaining in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Starting in Wisbech at 10am, the Mayor’s journey took him through the following locations and modes of transport before arriving back at Wisbeach at 8.30pm:

  • From Wisbech bus station he got the B bus to Peterborough bus depot in Queensgate (£2)
  • Walked to ARU Peterborough for a quick pit stop to have a catch up with University Principal and Professor Ross Renton
  • Walked from ARU Peterborough to the train station
  • Got the train from Peterborough to Soham station (£18)
  • Walked from Soham station to Viva Arts for a quick pit stop
  • Walked from the Theatre to the White Heart Lane bus stop to get the 12 service to Ely (£2)
  • Got the train from Ely to Cambridge (£4.50)
  • Got the train from Cambridge to Foxton (£4.50)
  • Got the bus from Foxton to Trumpington Park and Ride (£2)
  • Got the guided bus from Trumpington Park and Ride to St Ives (£2) – which he had to get off when he realised by the time he would get to St Ives the buses to March would have stopped running so had to re-route. Got off at Parkers Piece in Cambridge
  • From Parkers Piece he got the bus to St Neots (£2)
  • Walked from the St Neots bus stop to St Neots train station
  • Got a train from St Neots to Peterborough station (£7.80)
  • Walked from Peterborough station to Peterborough bus depot
  • Got the bus from Peterborough back to Wisbech bus station (£2)

With some stops along the way the Six District Challenge experience is being used to inform plans to transform local public transport.