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Our Companies

Sometimes we need to use a subsidiary company to deliver a large, complex project in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. Find out more about our subsidiary companies here.

Angle Holdings Limited


  • Independent Chair: Brian Stewart OBE (28 Jan 2020)
  • James Palmer (5 Sept 2019)
  • Kim Sawyer (5 Sept 2019)
  • Robert Parkin (29 Jan 2021)

Angle Developments (East) Limited

Angle Developments (East) Limited is a housing development company incorporated in September 2019, and is wholly owned by the Combined Authority.

By establishing a development company housing delivery action can be taken quickly when specific opportunities to engage in housing delivery are identified and reported through direct intervention in the market.


  • Independent Chair: Brian Stewart OBE (28 Jan 2020)
  • Roger Thompson (6 Sept 2019)
  • Kim Sawyer (6 Sept 2019)

One Cam Limited

The CAM is the transport network that will enhance the opportunity for job and housing growth across Cambridgeshire. It will be a trackless, ultra-light affordable system of mass rapid transit.

One CAM Limited, incorporated in September 2020, has been set up as a special purpose vehicle, as a necessary and best-practice step for delivering infrastructure of CAM’s scale and scope.

It is the means to provide dedicated resource and talent needed at each stage of the CAM lifecycle to build confidence among Government, investors, and stakeholders.


  • Independent Chair: Lord Robert Mair CBE (12 Nov 2020)
  • Kim Sawyer (16 Sept 2020)
  • John Hill (16 Sept 2020)
  • Jon Alsop (16 Sept 2020)
  • Pam Alexander (27 Nov 2020)
  • Terry Hill (27 Nov 2020)
  • Godric Smith (27 Nov 2020)
  • Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith (27 Nov 2020)
  • Jim Cohen (27 Nov 2020)

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Growth Company

Incorporated in August 2020 the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Business Growth Company consists of three major services:

The Business Growth Service

  • targeting places and firms that will have the most impact on our goal to shift to a more inclusive growth dynamic across sub-economies

The Inward Investment Service

  • for a new all-economy Foreign Direct Investment and capital investment promotion service for the promotion of employment space and employment property development opportunities to investors and companies rom the UK and overseas

The Skills Service

  • a digital and physical service connecting business with skills providers and talent. This includes targeted support to double the number of apprenticeships over five years.


  • Independent Chair: Nigel Parkinson (22 Jan 2021)
  • Brian Hyland (13 Aug 2020)
  • Jon Alsop (13 Aug 2020)

Peterborough HE Property Company Limited


  • John T. Hill (19 June 2020)
  • Jon Alsop (23 Dec 2020)
  • Steve Cox (23 Dec 2020)
  • Andy Lefley (23 Dec 2020)

Peterborough R&D Property Company Limited