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Meetings Livestreams

Here you can watch the livestreams of our public meetings when they are in progress.

Next Livestream

Extraordinary Combined Authority Board : 20th May 2022


Latest Livestream

Business Board: 9th May 2022

Watch here

Combined Authority Board: 30th March 2022

Watch here

Overview & Scrutiny Committee: 28th March 2022

Watch here

Ask the Mayor – Question Time Event: 25th March 2022

Watch here

Skills Committee: 16th March 2022

Watch here

Business Board: 14th March 2022

Watch here

Access Passcode: Vz?F4+ic

Transport & Infrastructure Committee: 14th March 2022

Watch here

Audit and Governance Committee: 11th March 2022

Watch here

Housing and Communities: 9th March 2022

Watch here

Audit & Governance Committee: 28th January 2022

Watch here

Combined Authority Board: 26th January 2022

Watch here

Overview & Scrutiny Committee: 24th January 2022

View the meeting here

Skills Committee: 17th January 2022

Watch Zoom meeting from 10am

Transport & Infrastructure Committee: 12 January 2022

Watch live

Business Board (now open to public): 10 January 2022

Watch Zoom meeting from 2.30pm

Housing and Communities Committee: 10th January 2022

Audit & Governance Committee: 17 December

View the meeting here


Overview & Scrutiny Committee: 13 December 

View the meeting live here


Audit & Governance Committee: 26 November

Unfortunately due to a lack of quoracy this meeting has been postponed.


Combined Authority Board: 24 November

Watch live here


Overview & Scrutiny Committee: 22 November


Skills Committee:

Watch live here


Transport & Infrastructure Committee: 8 November (10am)

Watch live here


Business Board (public meeting): 8 November (2.30pm)

Zoom link


Combined Authority Board: 27 October


Overview & Scrutiny Committee: 25 October 2021


Below you can find livestreams that it has not been possible to upload to our YouTube channel as yet. These uploads are ongoing.

Skills Committee: 13 September

Transport & Infrastructure Committee: 8 September





Combined Authority Board: 25 August


Overview & Scrutiny Committee: 23 August