St Ives

Latest News December 18, 2023
Bus Reform

Mayor meets St Ives team at heart of better bus

Latest News June 14, 2023
St Ives

St Ives and St Neots could get faster broadband

Latest News March 22, 2023
Boards and Committees

Huntingdon and St Ives win last Market Towns pot with

Latest News July 13, 2022
A141 Huntingdon

£6 million urged to push A141 St Ives Improvement

Latest News March 24, 2022
A141 Huntingdon

Combined Authority Board may push ahead St Ives and A141

Latest News November 16, 2021

Travel information screens and smart sensor network set to transform

Latest News June 14, 2021
Market Towns

Community to map road ahead with ‘Your St Ives, Your

Latest News March 26, 2021

Combined Authority funding for market town projects and Covid bounceback

Latest News March 10, 2021
A141 Huntingdon

‘Smart savings’ on A141 to fund St Ives travel improvements

Latest News June 9, 2020

Mayor’s Blog: A Tale of Two Cities – and Eleven

Latest News June 3, 2020

Mayor gets go-ahead for Market Town multi-million giveaway

Latest News June 1, 2020

Mayor’s Masterplan: £13.1 million for eleven Market Town makeovers