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Latest News December 22, 2021

Mayor’s Blog: Seasons Greetings

Latest News December 16, 2021

Mayor’s Blog: Platform for the Future

Latest News November 30, 2021

Message from the Mayor: Covid 19 Update

Latest News November 19, 2021

Mayor’s Blog: COP26 – All that COP?

Latest News October 25, 2021

Mayor’s Public Health Covid Message

Latest News October 12, 2021

Mayor’s Blog: Nature for nurture

Latest News July 21, 2021

Mayor welcomes Andy Burnham to Cambridge

Latest News June 18, 2021

Euros, million-jab June, and pitch-perfect Posh

Latest News May 14, 2021

Mayor’s Blog: That Was The Week That Was

Latest News May 9, 2021

Statement from Dr Nik Johnson, Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Latest News March 16, 2021
Affordable Housing

Mayor Welcomes Housing Committee’s Housing Programme Decision

Latest News January 22, 2021
Adult Education Budget

Mayor and Business Board Chairman react to the Government’s Skills

Latest News January 5, 2021

Mayor’s statement on Covid vaccinations and the new national lockdown

Latest News December 24, 2020
£100k Homes

Mayor Blog overview of the year 2020

Latest News December 20, 2020
Affordable Housing

Mayor’s Tier 4 Statement

Latest News December 17, 2020

Mayor’s statement on Peterborough moving to Tier 3 restrictions

Latest News November 26, 2020
Mayor's Blog

Statement from James Palmer, Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Latest News September 10, 2020
Bus Reform

We must use our public transport networks – or risk

Latest News July 10, 2020
Active Travel

Mayor’s Blog: The Urban Spaceman

Latest News July 1, 2020
Mayor's Blog

Mayor’s Blog: Keeping Everyone Connected

Latest News June 16, 2020
Mayor's Blog

Mayor’s Blog: Lockdown Lift-Off!

Latest News June 9, 2020

Mayor’s Blog: A Tale of Two Cities – and Eleven

Latest News May 7, 2020
Mayor's Blog

Mayor’s Blog: The Home Front

Latest News May 1, 2020
Mayor's Blog

Mayor’s Blog: Keep Calm and…..Qualify

Latest News April 9, 2020
Mayor's Blog

Mayor’s Blog: Life v Lifestyle

Latest News March 24, 2020
Mayor's Blog

Mayor’s Blog: Home Alone – Together

Latest News February 15, 2018
Mayor's Blog

Open letter to the Prime Minister regarding Bayeux Tapestry

Latest News February 9, 2018
Affordable Housing

Devolving skills

Latest News January 30, 2018
Mayor's Blog

Charles Roberts: Breaking the displacement cycle

Latest News November 13, 2017
Affordable Housing

The Land Value Cap offers the chance of more affordable

Latest News October 9, 2017
Mayor's Blog

Benefits of a truly international airport on our doorstep

Latest News September 29, 2017
Mayor's Blog

Brexit: embracing the challenges and taking opportunities

Latest News September 7, 2017
Affordable Housing

Connecting the north of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough to the south

Latest News August 24, 2017

Dithering is holding the county back