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Peterborough City Council

Latest News October 5, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Plans put in for second teaching building featuring the ‘Living

Latest News August 22, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Community Day celebrates completion of first teaching building at Peterborough’s

Latest News August 3, 2022
Peterborough City Council

Combined Authority’s £48m ‘Levelling Up’ bid to Government for Peterborough

Latest News August 2, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Consultation on plans for second teaching building and public science

Latest News March 24, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Mace appointed to develop phase 3 of Peterborough’s new university

Latest News February 2, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Board backing for ARU Peterborough ‘Living Lab’ public science centre

Latest News November 29, 2021
ARU Peterborough

Inspired Bishop Creighton Academy pupils bury time capsule at ARU

Latest News November 22, 2021
ARU Peterborough

Work starts to build ARU Peterborough phase 2 research and

Latest News November 19, 2021
ARU Peterborough

Chancellor Rishi Sunak visits ARU Peterborough site

Latest News August 2, 2021
Bus Reform

Putting compassion, co-operation and community at the heart of reinvented

Latest News July 29, 2021
ARU Peterborough

£100,000 grant for Peterborough Embankment masterplan will support development of

Latest News July 15, 2021
Careers Education

Two schemes announced to help young people into better careers

Latest News June 18, 2021
ARU Peterborough

Extra £20 million of Government funding could be used to

Latest News June 16, 2021
ARU Peterborough

Planning permission approved for ARU Peterborough research and development centre

Latest News March 10, 2021
Active Travel

Progress for transport upgrades for ARU Peterborough on Fengate