Public Engagement

Latest News February 12, 2024
Cambridgeshire County Council

Call for views on electric vehicles and planning for more

Latest News January 25, 2024

Results of Combined Authority Consultation to be discussed by Board

Latest News November 30, 2023

Have Your Say on the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority’s

Latest News November 29, 2023
Climate Change

Green light for plan to transform Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s transport

Latest News July 3, 2023
Adult Education Budget

Bus promoting maths skills in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is back

Latest News May 26, 2023
Bus Reform

Mayor Dr Nik Johnson statement: GCP Making Connections consultation findings

Latest News April 25, 2023
Engagement Events

Market Engagement – Business Growth and Social Impact Investment Fund

Latest News March 28, 2023
Adult Education Budget

On the road again! Multiply bus tour promoting free courses

Latest News February 15, 2023

Multiply bus rolling into towns to help people become more

Latest News January 19, 2023

Transport plan for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough moves forward

Latest News December 7, 2022
Active Travel

Still time to have a say on Alternative Fuels Strategy

Latest News October 10, 2022

Local Transport and Connectivity Plan update

Latest News August 2, 2022
ARU Peterborough

Consultation on plans for second teaching building and public science

Latest News May 18, 2022
Adult Education Budget

National Numeracy Day 2022 – celebrating numbers in everyday life

Latest News May 9, 2022

Public urged to have a say on region’s transport future

Latest News November 29, 2021
ARU Peterborough

Inspired Bishop Creighton Academy pupils bury time capsule at ARU

Latest News November 26, 2021
Boards and Committees

Public to have their say on Combined Authority new sustainable

Latest News November 17, 2021
Local Transport Plan

Still time for public to have say on region’s transport

Latest News November 1, 2021

Have your say on plans to improve Peterborough’s A16 Norwood

Latest News October 27, 2021
Boards and Committees

Public engagement on region’s transport future set to launch

Latest News October 7, 2021

TING, it’s new people-friendly transport service for the western part

Latest News October 7, 2021
Public Engagement

We’re Talking Peterborough Embankment – public survey launched

Latest News September 9, 2021
Active Travel

Revamped Local Transport Plan to consider improvement to digital infrastructure

Latest News July 6, 2021
Combined Authority Board

East West Rail challenged on environment, economy, electrification and community

Latest News November 11, 2020

Last chance for public to have their say on most

Latest News October 26, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Public to have say on climate change action across Cambridgeshire

Latest News August 28, 2020

Mayor welcomes public consultation for Ely North upgrade plans

Latest News June 22, 2020

Mayor welcomes selection of Cambridge South station preferred location

Latest News June 15, 2020
A141 Huntingdon

Last chance to have your say on a better future

Latest News May 13, 2020
Active Travel

‘Going virtual’ to keep March transport consultation going despite coronavirus

Latest News March 19, 2020

Business Resilience COVID-19 Intelligence Research

Latest News January 9, 2020

Combined Authority Board votes to move forward with Cambridgeshire Autonomous

Latest News December 18, 2019
Cambridge South

Mayor hails Cambridge South consultation and urges public to speak

Latest News December 9, 2019
Public Engagement

Just one week left on public survey of bus network