Fenland Rail

Latest News January 26, 2024
Fenland Rail

Mayor opens free bike and car park at Manea for

Latest News May 9, 2022

Public urged to have a say on region’s transport future

Latest News December 17, 2020

March station to be revamped for passengers, thanks to Combined

Latest News December 11, 2020
Fenland District Council

Mayor joins new 8-car Fen Line train that doubles seats

Latest News November 25, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Fenland regeneration gathers pace in Manea and March with start

Latest News November 4, 2020

Fenland regeneration projects ‘going extremely well’

Latest News September 17, 2020
Fenland District Council

Manea car park gets thumbs-up from Fenland planners

Latest News September 10, 2020
Bus Reform

We must use our public transport networks – or risk

Latest News August 14, 2020
Adult Education Budget

Fenland towns set to bid for millions of pounds of

Latest News February 15, 2019
Fenland District Council

Mayor James Palmer’s delight at DfT approval for scheme to

Latest News February 5, 2019
Business Board

Mayor James Palmer meets with Rail Minister to make case

Latest News November 22, 2018
Affordable Housing

Mayor James Palmer supports funding for study into delivering rail

Latest News August 24, 2017

Dithering is holding the county back