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£900k to build final ‘Quick Wins’ for March – and deliver a kid’s crossing for Christmas


£900k to build final ‘Quick Wins’ for March – and deliver a kid’s crossing for Christmas

Children, cyclists and Christmas shoppers will be among the first to benefit from today’s decision by Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, led by Mayor James Palmer, to release almost a million pounds to start constructing the remaining ‘Quick Wins’ in the March Area Transport Study.

Following the recommendation of its Transport and Infrastructure Committee, the Board of the mayoral Combined Authority today unanimously agreed to draw down £900,000 so Cambridgeshire County Council can proceed to building those projects still outstanding.

Funded by the Mayoral Combined Authority, the ‘Quick Wins’ programme is all but delivered, with many schemes already completed and in everyday use by the people of March.  Others are already in construction, funded through an underspend from the previous stage of the March Area Transport Study.

People with mobility issues and cyclists pedalling around the town will welcome the active-travel and safety-first schemes. These include new zebra crossings, footpaths, traffic calming and speed controls plus signs discouraging heavy lorries from using inappropriate routes into March.

Pupils on their way to school will be big winners now work can start immediately on the planned new zebra crossing in St Peter’s Road – with the aim of finishing the crossing in December.

James Palmer, Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough:

“We’re delivering greener and safer transport which puts people first. That’s vital for March and for communities right across Cambridgeshire. I’m pleased to report that we’ve already delivered many of the ‘Quick Wins’ identified as priorities and today’s decision means we can keep up the impetus and the last few can now forge ahead.

“Getting out and about to support local shops and enjoy some fresh air is high on the agenda in these tricky times and these schemes are made for those who walk and cycle around town.

“This is just one element of the Combined Authority’s continuing substantial investment in the county’s roads. Market towns like March have been short-changed for years and bringing transport across Fenland up to scratch is the key that will deliver the jobs, skills, and housing that our communities need to thrive and stay vibrant and connected far into the future.”

The Mayor’s emphasis on a greener, safer March continues with the HGV signage project, planned to start in December and complete in February, to help guide lorries  away from the town centre where they may cause traffic jams or create hazard and pollution for walkers and cyclists in narrow or residential streets of the market town..

Improving safety and access for pedestrians, a new zebra crossing in Station Road will also complement the work being funded by the Combined Authority on upgrading and revamping March’s historic railway station. Mayor Palmer plans that this work will begin in January now he has the Board’s go-ahead.