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Board gives ‘Metro Mayor’ green light for public consultation on CAM plans

Board gives ‘Metro Mayor’ green light for public consultation on CAM plans

Mayor James Palmer’s plans to link towns and villages all around the region to Cambridge got a big boost today when members of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority board unanimously gave the go-ahead for a voluntary consultation with the public on the ambitious scheme.

The Mayoral Combined Authority, working in association with the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP), is developing proposals for the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro (CAM), a high-quality, fast and reliable ‘metro-style’ transport network which will transform connectivity across the region.

The vision is for an expansive metro-style network that seamlessly connects regional settlements, major city fringe employment sites and key satellite growth areas across the region with key railway stations and Cambridge city centre.

The CAM Network consists of The City Tunnel Section, including underground tunnels and major interchange hubs at the city centre and mainline railway station, actually under the historic city of Cambridge and Four Regional Routes, connecting St Neots, Alconbury, Mildenhall and Haverhill with the City Tunnel Section.

The forthcoming consultation, which is voluntary and not obliged by law, will take place in early 2020 will seek feedback from the local community and stakeholders on the need and benefits of the CAM network as a whole, and potential alignments for the City Tunnel Section, with public feedback used to shape preparation of an Outline Business Case, which will be published in mid to late 2020.

The consultation will not invite feedback on elements of CAM already under development by GCP, including the ‘Cambourne-to-Cambridge’ (C2C) and ‘Cambridge South East Transport’ (CSET) GCP Corridors.

The consultation will be publicised in due course by a wide variety of means, such as community newsletters, information points, a consultation website, posters, and through both local and social media channels.

A number of public exhibitions will also be held, which will provide an opportunity to view the proposals and discuss them with members of the project team. All consultation materials will also be available to view online, whilst members of the public will be able to contact the project team via phone, email and post should they have any queries.

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Mayor James Palmers said:

“The public voice is what counts in designing any public service and it’s great news that we can now showcase our initial plans to the public and hear their ambitions for CAM.  Everyone should have a view as the CAM is a far-reaching project which will transform connectivity across the region and make a greener and more linked-up future not just possible but deliverable.

“The consultation is open to the wider public in our region, and all those with an interest in the project, or who have a view they would like to be considered should get involved. CAM is about shaping the future for ourselves and our children, so we all need to pitch in and help get it right”.