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Business as Usual as the Combined Authority teams work from home

18 March 2020

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From today, all our staff will be working from home, doing our part to keep people safe and healthy. Everything is business as usual for us, though: we're still working, and delivering, on our key housing, transport and business and skills priorities. 

We're very privileged to be a flexible working environment all of the time, so we're all already equipped to go on as normal: we're thinking of everyone for whom this isn't possible, or whose work is a key part of keeping us all healthy and fed.

Along with our usual work, we're sending out regular updates to local businesses (sign up for these at http://bit.ly/cpcacovid19 if you're a business in Cambs and Peterborough) and we'll be publishing some tips on working from home that work for us.


Mayor James Palmer said: 

"I am totally focussed on ensuring that we support our local businesses and employers, and we’re working hard with government departments to ensure that the promised funding is accessible as quickly as possible for those in need of assistance in the region. If you’re a business in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough then please sign up to our business resilience updates here: bit.ly/cpcacovid19 to get updates.

I’m really proud of the Combined Authority for our positive ‘business as usual’ approach in this difficult time. We’re doing everything we can to keep everyone safe and healthy, but we’re determined to keep driving forward our delivery of key infrastructure projects across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough like the CAM, £100k Homes and business support."