Business Bulletin: Issue Number 34


Business Bulletin: Issue Number 34

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Major expansion of post-18 education and training to prepare workers for post-Covid-19 economy

Plans have been set out to transform the training and skills system, making it fit for the 21st century economy, and helping the country build back better from coronavirus.

The measures outlined by Central Government include:

  • Lifetime Skills Guarantee to give adults the chance to take free college courses valued by employers
  • New entitlement to flexible loans to allow courses to be taken in segments, boosting opportunities to retrain and enhancing the nation’s technical skills
  • PM acts to boost productivity and help the county build back better from coronavirus

Adults without an A-Level or equivalent qualification will be offered a free, fully funded college course – providing them with skills values by employers, and the opportunity to study at a time and location that suits them.

This offer will be available from April in England, and will be paid for through the National Skills Fund.

For more details visit the Government’s website.