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Publication of Statement of Accounts

Publication of Statement of Accounts

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority [“the Combined Authority”] hereby gives notice that it has not been able to publish its statement of accounts for 2018/19 by the statutory deadline of 31 July 2019.

This is because the Combined Authority’s external auditors, Ernst & Young LLP, have not been able to complete their audit of the accounts due to resourcing pressures within Ernst & Young.  This is an industry-wide issue affecting a number of Councils and Authorities.

Ernst & Young LLP have said they are recruiting more staff and have submitted an action plan to ‘Public Sector Audit Appointments’, the specified body with responsibility for appointing our external auditors. Until the external audit is complete, the Combined Authority will not be able to publish its statement of accounts, because the statement has to be published together with any certificate or opinion issued by the external auditors.

There are no statutory implications from the Auditor’s delay in providing their opinion.

Once the external audit of the 2018/19 accounts is completed the Combined Authority will then publish the statement of accounts as soon as is reasonably practicable.