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£5m Skills Bootcamps funding to help advance careers and boost earnings


£5m Skills Bootcamps funding to help advance careers and boost earnings

Nearly £5m in new funding has been approved by Government to help people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough quickly gain new skills to improve their job prospects and income.

The Combined Authority applied for £4.9 million to deliver Skills Bootcamps which are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks teaching a variety of in-demand skills which also guarantee an interview with a local employer. 1,780 bootcamp places are planned to be funded from April 1 this year through to March 31, 2023. Skills Bootcamps are fully funded for individuals. Where small and medium sized employers choose to upskill its existing workforce through a Skills Bootcamp, the business will receive a 90% fee reduction, with larger employers receiving a 70% fee reduction.

The only eligibility criteria are that people have the right to work in the UK and must be aged 19 or over, are employed, self-employed, unemployed or are changing or returning to careers.

The technical skills on offer are linked to those needed by local employers, increasing the likelihood of learners securing a job or advancing their careers. Bootcamps can also be used to help people into apprenticeships.

The courses are at Level 3-5, with Level 3 equivalent to an A-level and Level 5 equivalent to a foundation degree or Higher National Diploma (HND).

Sector-specific skills on offer include digital, technical – including engineering and advanced manufacturing – construction, the green economy and a number of pathways to accelerated apprenticeships. The training would be delivered by colleges and other independent providers.

On March 30, the Combined Authority Board will be presented with a series of recommendations for how to take the delivery of the Skills Bootcamps forward. The funding is subject to the Combined Authority Board accepting the £4.9 million grant offer from the Department for Education at that meeting.

Last summer, the Combined Authority received £1.8 million in funding to deliver Digital Skills Bootcamps, with a similar format, but focussed on digital skills.

Mayor Dr Nik Johnson said: “It is very welcome that the Combined Authority has successfully applied for nearly £5 million from Government to provide funded courses to help upskill people in our area.

“These Skills Bootcamps are targeted specifically at the skills needs in our economy, meaning that learners have a great opportunity to accelerate their careers and earnings potential. A guaranteed interview with a local employer as part of the Skills Bootcamps only strengthens that link between learning and earning. The fact they are intensive courses means people also can see results from their training quickly.

“With pressure on people’s incomes this year, one of the best ways the Combined Authority can help people is through courses designed with improving job prospects and local employers in mind.

“The Combined Authority is helping more people get the skills they need for better paid jobs, including through our Adult Education Budget, through supporting more apprenticeships and our other Skills Bootcamps focussed on digital skills, to name a few.

“This new funding offer is very good news for our region.”

Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills Alex Burghart said:

“Skills Bootcamps are a highly effective way to learn skills at pace in a range of in demand sectors including digital, construction and green transport.

“This funding boost will support even more adults across the region to take advantage of these free courses and get on the path to well-paid careers.”

Subject to the Combined Authority Board’s approval, more information about Skills Bootcamps and how to apply will be on the Growth Works with Skills website: SkillsBootcamps | Cambridgeshire and Peterborough | Growth Works With Skills