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Combined Authority Board may push ahead St Ives and A141


Combined Authority Board may push ahead St Ives and A141

At the March meeting of the Board of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, Members will be asked to approve the drawdown of £2.3 million to get work started on the St Ives Local Improvement Schemes.

Following updates on the progress of the St Ives Local Improvements Study and the A141 and St Ives Outline Business Case – OBC-, the Board will be asked to delegate authority to Combined Authority officers to prepare a grant funding agreement with Cambridgeshire County Council, the delivery partner.

The plan is for the A141 and St Ives OBC and the St Ives Local Improvement schemes to run concurrently to make sure there is optimal co-ordination between the two projects, offering the best integrated solutions possible while at the same time moving forward ‘Local Improvement’ solutions specific to St Ives.

Going forward the Local Improvement Schemes will be consulted on.

In November 2021 the Board was shown the findings of the A141 and St Ives Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) and given an update on the St Ives Local Improvement schemes. They were approved for progression to the next stage, including further collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council to develop a proposal to draw down the funds and commence the schemes as soon as possible.

The St Ives Local Improvement Study builds on the highway improvements identified in the A141 and St Ives Transport Study Options Appraisal Report of 2020. There are five ‘packages’ of schemes planned to be progressed.

Package 1 – St Ives Town Centre – Package of schemes

Introduction of a 20mph speed limit across St Ives Town Centre. Changing priorities and localised road widening at the Ramsey Road / North Road, Globe Place / North Road / Broad Leas and Globe Place / West Street / East Street junctions. Changes to on-street parking restrictions in the town centre area, to reduce illegal and inconsiderate parking. Focus on reducing congestion pinch points in town centre, rat running and improving bus access

Package 2 – Silvaco West Roundabout Improvement (A1123 / B1040) and right turn ban Needingworth Road to A1123 Audrey Lane

Silvaco West (A1123/B1040) roundabout improvements, including the replacement of the roundabout at the A1123 St Audrey Lane / B1040 Somersham Road junction with traffic signals. A right-turn ban for all traffic from Needingworth Road onto A1123 St Audrey Lane. To re-test the impact of recommendations, consider possible alternative options and recommendation of preferred option.

Package 3 – Bus Stop Improvements

Improvements to bus stop infrastructure, including:  22 priority bus stops; Removal of redundant bus stop infrastructure; and on-priority bus stops and hail and ride. To make travel by public bus services in St Ives a more attractive option by improving the bus stop infrastructure facilities.

Package 4 – Walking and Cycling Signage Improvements

Package of walking and cycling signage improvements. 41 new signs; removal of redundant infrastructure; and Consideration of conducting a quality audit of pedestrian and cycling routes. To improve consistency and connectivity of walking and cycling signage throughout St Ives to encourage increased levels of walking and cycling.

Package 5 – Non-Motorised User NMU) Routes Development Study

Audit, feasibility and scoping of options and development of a network of active travel routes in and around St Ives to build on evidence and come up with a more developed package of projects to be considered for investment.