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AI Summit to make Peterborough debut, helping people and businesses stay ahead


AI Summit to make Peterborough debut, helping people and businesses stay ahead

The AI summit organisers have held successful events in Norwich, pictured. 

Peterborough’s first public AI summit will explore how the rapidly advancing technology is changing both businesses and our lives.

Supported by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority and Anglia Ruskin University, the event will be held at the city’s new university, ARU Peterborough, on June 6. The event organisers have held similar successful events in Norwich.

The summit aims to help people and businesses stay ahead of the latest advances in the technology, which has made a mainstream breakthrough with the advent of tools like Chat GPT and Bing AI. Businesses from micro to large, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts or those simply curious, will find out more about opportunities and challenges for AI through expert insight and thought-provoking panels and Q&A sessions.

The event aims to:

  • Help businesses take advantage of AI.
  • Explain how AI can develop business strategy.
  • Elevate customer support experiences using AI-powered solutions.
  • Enhance competitive edge with strategic AI implementation.

Speakers and panellists include Archie Williamson, Head of Content at Atlas SEO, Trish Hewitt, Chief People Officer at Gray Dawes Travel, Lucy Crowther, Founder and Managing Director at Rinnovo Consulting Limited, Giancarlo Erra, Founder Tweetify, CopyForge and AudioShapes, and Bill Banham, Editor at The HR Gazette and HRreview. Further panellists will be confirmed.

The first batch of tickets are free of charge, so those interested are encouraged to book now. If you miss out, tickets for the full day are £9.99.

Chair of the Combined Authority Business Board, Al Kingsley, said: “AI is the most talked-about technology right now, but many people and businesses still feel in the dark. The Combined Authority is working to support our businesses to innovate and grow, and to keep our skills base current in a globally competitive economy, and that’s why we are supporting this event. This first AI summit is a welcome addition to the business calendar, at the fantastic ARU Peterborough campus, and will be a great starting point to learn and find out more about how you can take advantage of an increasingly AI-powered future.”

Professor Ross Renton, Principal of ARU Peterborough, said: “Artificial Intelligence is likely to be the most significant technological advance for a generation and will impact how we all live and work in the future.

“Therefore, it’s important to hear from experts about these changes, some of which are already happening, and how we can all harness the potential benefits. We are thrilled to be hosting such an important event at ARU Peterborough.”

The event starts at 1pm with speaker panels from 1.45pm. It finishes with a networking hour from 5.30pm.

Find out more and sign up for tickets at: Peterborough AI Summit Tickets, Thu, 6 Jun 2024 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite