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Combined Authority leads region’s unified pitch for investment on national stage


Combined Authority leads region’s unified pitch for investment on national stage

A unified ‘Team Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’ approach will be at the heart of the Combined Authority’s first appearance showcasing the region at UKREiiF, the UK’s biggest trade and investment conference.

The collective pitch has been developed in close collaboration with authorities in the region, and attendance at the event is part of the commitment to increasing investment, good jobs and prosperity across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. The Combined Authority and partners will promote the region as one of the best places in the country to live, work and do business.

UKREiiF, which runs May 21-23, gathers more than 12,000 delegates, 1,500 investors, hundreds of local authorities, Government ministers, shadow ministers and senior Westminster officials. The Combined Authority is sponsoring an exhibition pavilion to ensure good representation and amplify the interests of the region nationally and globally.

The region’s significance to the UK economy – one of the few areas outside of London to make a net contribution to the Exchequer – means that its continued, sustainable growth is of national importance. The 2017 Devolution Deal which established the Combined Authority also set the challenge of doubling the size of the region’s economy by 2042.

Promoting the region to the Government, partner councils and investors nationally and globally to bring in trade and investment is a key part of the Combined Authority’s role in fostering sustainable growth and creating more opportunity for residents and local businesses.

The decision to attend has been taken with the support of the Combined Authority’s Independent Improvement Board, in line with recommendations for the Combined Authority to work in partnership with constituent authorities to develop a ‘one-voice’ approach for advocating and influencing on behalf of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

The Combined Authority, Business Board and representatives from local councils will showcase the region’s strengths and potential for investors, highlighting Cambridgeshire and Peterborough as an exceptional destination for living, working, learning, and investing. That includes its status as a global hub for science and technology and with strengths in sectors like agri-tech, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and engineering, and digital and IT.

The case for investing in underpinning infrastructure, including energy, water and transport will also be made.

And by convening with experts and thought leaders, the Combined Authority aims to glean insights and best practices from around the country to inform its strategic vision and Shared Ambition for the region. The pavilion will host a series of panels and discussions. Topics include how to balance the growth of the Cambridge economy with the needs of the community, Levelling Up in action in Peterborough, the importance of agri-tech in future food security, and how to revitalise market towns.

Mayor Dr Nik Johnson said: “We have worked closely with the councils which make up the Combined Authority, as well as local leaders and our Business Board, as part of a ‘Team Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’ approach to representation at the UKREiiF conference.

“Our presence at UKREiiF is another sign of the Combined Authority’s continuing improvement – being more than the sum of the region’s parts to make the pitch nationally and globally for the investment our region needs to grow sustainably and ultimately improve everyone’s lives.”

Chair of the Combined Authority Business Board, Al Kingsley, said: “We face a raft of global economic challenges and so it has never been a more important time to make the case for investing in the fantastic opportunities that exist in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. As a key voice for business in the region, the Business Board is supporting the Combined Authority to highlight some of the unique strengths of the region, from life sciences, to manufacturing, engineering and digital. More investment into the region means more opportunities for existing businesses to grow, creating good jobs and contributing to our target to double the size of the economy.”

For more on UKREiiF visit the official website: https://www.ukreiif.com/