Combined Authority gives Fengate £6m go-ahead


Combined Authority gives Fengate £6m go-ahead

In a unanimous vote to help Peterborough achieve its growth ambitions, the Combined Authority Board has approved £6,665,696 to translate the Fengate Access Study Improvement Schemes from planning into construction.

Members noted the completed Fengate Phase 1 Full Business Case and voted unanimously push the transformational Fengate scheme from the necessary paper stage of planning into building works.

The study centres north of Fengate and around the Red Brick Farm site. At 12.6 acres,  Red Brick Farm is the biggest development area in Fengate, expected to become a thriving hub of storage, distribution, and general industrial units with supporting office space.

The study considers Jct 7 and Jct 8 of the A1139 Fletton Parkway, which provides key access to the whole Parkway system, and routes into Fengate such as Parnwell Way and Oxney Road, plus local roads within Fengate such as Edgerley Drain Road and Storey’s Bar Road.

As the schemes evolved from Strategic Outline Business Case to Full Business Case, active travel projects have been added to the package, which aims to encourage more walking and cycling in the area and reduce short-trip or commuter traffic.

The Fengate Access Study Improvement Schemes include:

  • Traffic signal improvements at the junction of Edgerley Drain Road / Storey’s Bar Road / Vicarage Farm Road, on the Vicarage Farm Road and Storey’s Bar Road northbound approaches.
  • Traffic signal improvements at Junction 7 of the A1139 Frank Perkins Parkway (A1139 Frank Perkins Parkway / Oxney Road / Eastfield Road).
  • Creation of a mini roundabout at Oxney Road / Newark Road.
  • Improvements to Newark Road footpath.
  • Creation of a new pedestrian crossing over Oxney Road, between Junction 7 and the Oxney Road / Sainsburys Roundabout.