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Multiply Roadshow puts free courses to boost maths skills on the map


Multiply Roadshow puts free courses to boost maths skills on the map

The Multiply Bus Roadshow toured towns across the region aiming to showcase to the public free courses to help adults improve their maths skills.

Multiply offers skills for everything from household budgeting and helping children with homework, to qualifications to help advance people’s careers. A special promotional bus toured the region to raise awareness with the public of the courses and their benefits.

With visits from members of the public, councillors and others, the Multiply Roadshow stopped in Peterborough, Ely, Wisbech and Huntingdon.

On the Multiply bus, operated by training provider Runway Training, people could find out more about some of the courses on offer, tackle maths Jenga or step up to take the National Numeracy Challenge to test their skills.

Those aged 19 and over and who don’t have maths GCSE at grade C (or equivalent), can access free numeracy courses through Multiply. As well as gaining number confidence, Multiply courses offer maths qualifications, so people can learn at a level and pace to suit them.

Multiply is a Government initiative which is running in regions across the country. In Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Multiply courses are offered by a range of colleges and training providers.

57% of the working age adult population in England are estimated to have low numeracy skills. Three in 10 (31%) say they are not a “numbers person”. Women are more likely to say it and are more than twice as anxious as men about maths and numbers.

Deputy Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Cllr Anna Smith, visited the bus in Huntingdon. She said: “This is a really fantastic initiative. I know from my time working with learners in schools and colleges that it’s often really hard for people to get to centres to take courses. And that’s why something like this is so exciting.

“Many of us don’t feel confident in our use of Maths, and that lack of confidence can have a huge on our lives.

 “I visited the Multiply bus in Huntingdon town centre and I was impressed with how welcoming and well-equipped it was for finding out more and learning.”

Parminder Singh Garcha, Senior Responsible Officer for Adult Education at the Combined Authority, said: “It is really important that as many people as possible know about the opportunities of these free courses to boost maths skills. That’s why initiatives like this bus tour are so important to bring the opportunity directly to people across the region.

“Many people start out life on the wrong foot with maths and that impacts people’s lives. So whether it is for improving day-to-day life, or to advance in a career, Multiply aims to make a difference.

“I would encourage anyone who qualifies and thinks they could benefit from better maths skills to find out more about Multiply courses.”

A good way to test and improve your number confidence is by taking the National Numeracy Challenge.

To sign up to a range of courses to improve your maths and number confidence, visit https://www.growthworkswithskills.com/individuals-hub/multiply-maths-skills-for-life/.

Growth Works With Skills is the service established by the Combined Authority and Business Board to support a better skilled Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.