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New Year start to A1260 Parkway construction, thanks to Combined Authority


New Year start to A1260 Parkway construction, thanks to Combined Authority

At today’s meeting of the Combined Authority Board, members approved the Full Business Case for Peterborough’s A1260 Nene Parkway Junction 15 – and signed off millions of pounds to get construction on the project started.

Members approved the forecast construction cost of £8.014m, including re-profiling the project budget to ensure work can go ahead.

Wildflowers, bulb and tree planting, and helping people walk to and from green spaces and to enjoy connected active travel options were key considerations when the Combined Authority’s transport and infrastructure committee, chaired by Mayor Dr Nik Johnson, decided in September to recommend the Board approve the top-up.

Junction 15 serves two of Peterborough’s busiest strategic roads (the A47 Soke Parkway and the A1260 Nene Parkway). A cornerstone of the Parkway Network, it gives access to Nene Thorpe Bridge, one of Peterborough’s road river-crossings.

Around 46,000 vehicles use Junction 15 on an average weekday and congestion is a major issue, especially on the A1260 Nene Parkway where mile-long tailbacks frequently delay travellers in evening rush hour.

The project furthers Local Transport Plan aims to improve safety, connect transport better, help economic growth, and improve journey time reliability.

It will also provide a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain, in line with Combined Authority objectives to deliver a transport network that protects and enhances Cambridgeshire’s natural and historic environment.

The biodiversity gain involves a net increase in trees and the following deliverables:

  • Environmental and biodiversity enhancements in the north-eastern corner of Junction 15 between Bretton Way and A47 eastbound on-slip;
  • Wildflower Planting Trial centred on the grass verges either side of the A47 eastbound off-slip;
  • Areas of mass bulb planting located on the lower ledge of the Junction 15 circulatory as well as the grass verge between the A1260 Nene Parkway and Thorpe Wood;
  • Tree planting at several locations across the study area as compensation for tree loss at the footbridge and helping to achieve biodiversity net gain;
  • The exposing of the geological profile of the A1260 Nene Parkway embankments near Thorpe Road Bridge and subsequent interpretation board, including 30-50m on the eastern embankment and approximately 50m on the western embankment.

Measures are in place to ensure the scheme improves connectivity for walkers to public transport and to nature’s green areas; this includes the replacement of a pedestrian footbridge, the creation of zebra crossings, improving access to Ferry Meadows, the business park, and to public transport.

Work is expected to complete December 2022-January 2023