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Statement regarding mayoral salary

Statement regarding mayoral salary

The level of Mayoral allowance was set by the Independent Remuneration Panel on 22nd June and was agreed by the Combined Authority Board on 28th June. It is fixed at £75,000 for this financial year (2017/18) and also for the next financial year (2018/19). The figures noted in the indicative costs outline can be explained as follows:

  • The figures include the allowance and on-costs – i.e. National Insurance Contributions (approximately 10%)
  • The figure for 2017/18 represents a part year from the day the Mayor took up office – i.e. ten and half months of the year
  • The figure for 2018/19 represents a full year of the same level of allowance and also on-costs.

Mayor Palmer took office six weeks into the new financial year 2017/18 and so the figures are reflective of this. The allowance is set by an independent panel and is not subject to review or amendment by the Mayor or the Combined Authority.

Other figures noted in the report also take into consideration that 2017/18 is a part year. One off costs in 2017/18 – such as setting up the finance systems and developing the website, won’t be carried forward. The reduction in the provision for support provided by Constituent Authorities will also reduce as the Combined Authority appoints its own staff to undertake the work.