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Tim Bellamy announced as Interim Head of Transport at the Combined Authority


Tim Bellamy announced as Interim Head of Transport at the Combined Authority

Tim Bellamy, has been appointed the interim head of transport at the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority replacing Rowland Potter who is leaving in early June. Tim interim post is for six months and he will continue the important work on the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan, bus reform, the management of the Combined Authority’s transport programmes and a continuing and deepening collaboration with district and city councils.

Tim, an internal recruit, is the former Transport Strategy and Policy Manager at the Combined Authority.

Tim Bellamy says:

“This is a wonderful opportunity for me personally, at an exciting time for the Combined Authority and in particular the transport team.  During my time as Interim Head of Transport I have four main priorities.  Firstly, to provide the team with leadership and to ensure that each team member feels valued and supported to enable them to maximise theirs and the organisation’s potential.  Secondly, we need to establish a clear strategic baseline from which the team can deliver, specifically in relation to embedding the six keys of the Sustainable Growth Ambition Statement into everything we do, alongside the formalisation of the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan and the Bus Reform work.

To effectively deliver the team’s aims and goals it is essential that collaborative partnership working is proactively encouraged to get the best solutions for the people of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  Therefore, I will be focused on enhancing our relationships internally and with key partners to ensure the delivery of our key projects and initiatives; especially with our constituent Councils, GCP, central government and other external organisations.  And finally, at a time of transformation and uncertainty for many I will be looking to build confidence with partners and peers by improving our outputs and maximising our funding opportunities.”

To summarise, with the support of the hard-working, dedicated transport team I am sure we will meet and exceed not just my expectations but those of our colleagues, Members and the wider public, with a smile on our faces.”