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Afghan Refugee Statement from Mayor Dr Nik Johnson


Afghan Refugee Statement from Mayor Dr Nik Johnson

I have been touched by the images of desperation coming from Afghanistan over the last week and whilst the Combined Authority has no authority over resettlement for Afghan refugees there are things we can do to proactively support the call of resettlement.

One, on the grounds of compassion we support the call to Government to be ambitious and generous in their targets for resettlement and echo the call for urgent action to realise a target that provides certainty for what local authorities need to plan for, so they pledge their support too.

Secondly and on the grounds of cooperation the Combined Authority can create an infrastructure that supports our Afghan friends in terms of appropriate and necessary adult learning, skills and business support to engender an immediate and long-term successful resettlement into our region.

I support the work of councils within the Combined Authority to find ways to achieve resettlement in our community and will work with Combined Authority officers to provide the support to enable any refugee, or people starting again to find the training, learning and opportunities so they can lead fulfilling successful lives that benefits them, their families and all of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.