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Combined Authority announce new minibus link for people travelling between Thorney and Eye


Combined Authority announce new minibus link for people travelling between Thorney and Eye

From Monday 31 July, the existing 36 bus route run by Stagecoach will be replaced by a minibus service 36 run by FACT Community Transport on behalf of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority.

The timetable has been designed to ensure that residents will still be able to travel between Eye and Thorney to access vital services including healthcare, retail and leisure.

The communities impacted by Stagecoach’s decision will now be serviced by minibuses running six times a day each way, Monday to Friday.

Welcoming the announcement, Mayor Dr Nik Johnson said:

“We’re really pleased to announce a new mini-bus service that will connect people between Eye and Thorney so that people can continue to access vital services including getting to work, education and healthcare. The mini-bus service will take over seamlessly from the 36-bus route, so there won’t be interruptions to the service provided.

“I want to thank my Deputy Mayor, Councillor Anna Smith, the Combined Authority’s Transport & Infrastructure Committee, FACT and our Transport Team for helping us to deliver this service at pace.

“Every lost service deeply affects people who rely on buses and hobbles their ability to get on with their lives.  This is why I recently announced my bold vision for Bus Reform which, driven by our Bus Strategy, will create an affordable, reliable, convenient and sustainable bus network that the people of our region need and deserve. I invite all political leaders across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to work with me to make this happen.”

In addition, although Stagecoach has ceased running the 36 due to low passenger numbers, the 37 Peterborough- Eye – Spalding service will provide an increased number of journeys; and the First XL will continue to provide an hourly link from Peterborough via Thorney and Wisbech into King’s Lynn and the rest of Norfolk.


Service 36 Eye to Thorney timetable


Mondays to Fridays

No Saturday or Sunday service

Eye, St Matthews church           730 930 1100 1400 1530 1700
Eye, Caravan Centre 732 932 1102 1402 1532 1702
Thorney, crossroads 740 940 1110 1410 1540 1710
Thorney, Duke of Bedford school 742 942 1112 1412 1542 1712
Thorney, Smithfields 744 944 1114 1414 1544 1714
Thorney, Smithfields           745 945 1115 1415 1545 1715
Thorney, Duke of Bedford school 747 947 1117 1417 1547 1717
Thorney, crossroads 748 948 1118 1418 1548 1718
Eye, Caravan Centre 755 955 1125 1425 1555 1725
Eye, St Matthews church           758 958 1128 1428 1558 1728