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Have your say on plans to improve Peterborough’s A16 Norwood


Have your say on plans to improve Peterborough’s A16 Norwood

A public consultation was launched today (Monday, 1 November) which invites Peterborough residents  and road users to have their say on plans to improve the A16 Norwood and A16/A47/Welland roundabout.

The six-week consultation asks people to complete a survey with their views on plans to improve this stretch of road, which suffers from significant congestion and delays during peak hours.

The road scheme is being developed to help Peterborough achieve sustainable growth and minimise the impact on the environment, while resolving issues, including congestion, U-turning from Newborough Road, high accident rates at the A16/A47 roundabout and fears that the proposed growth at the Norwood site will exacerbate these existing issues.

Solutions include:

  • Dualling between A16/A47/Welland roundabout and the developer roundabout
  • A partial signalisation of the A16/A47 Welland Road roundabout
  • A 50m flare added to the A47 westbound approach to providing additional capacity for left turning traffic to Welland Road
  • Dedicated left turn lane from the A47 eastbound to the A16 northbound

Residents are being asked for their opinions, including how they currently use the road, what issues they consider most important to resolve and what sustainable travel improvements they would most like to be introduced.

Peterborough City Council will use the results of the survey to create a final design for a highways scheme to provide a solution together with Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, National Highways, and developers. The works are planned to be funded by Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority.

The current Outline Business Case for the scheme is being funded by the Combined Authority with provisional funding identified for future stages for up to £12m. Funding is dependent on achieving high value for money assessments and approval from the Combined Authority Board, but if successful, construction is likely to start in 2024.

It is estimated that construction would be undertaken in two phases, starting in 2024 and completing in 2027.

The survey will run for the next six weeks and Peterborough City Council is looking for as many views as possible to help decide on solutions to help the city evolve in the future.”