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We want bikes and a bypass, Hunts people tell A141 planners


We want bikes and a bypass, Hunts people tell A141 planners

Road safety, congestion, air quality, protection from rat-running and concerns about HGVs were all high on the agenda of people responding to the A141 Have Your Say survey run by the Combined Authority to gather public opinion on the transport options around Huntingdon.

Clawing roadspace back from motor vehicles for cyclists and walkers also topped the wishlist – with respondents championing a green agenda and active travel.

The survey was held between 22 February and 15 March 2021. It focused on opinions about the current A141 as well as inviting views on the potential options for improvement.

Combined Authority officers reported the results of the ask-the-public engagement at today’s meeting of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee.

Overall, survey respondents felt most strongly about issues relating to HGVs, air quality, congestion, road safety, as well as journey times.

Future development to address congestion, rat-running, and road safety were also branded ‘very important’ by the respondents.

Most agreed there was a need to cut road traffic. Respondents also wanted road space re-allocated to walking and cycling infrastructure – but fewer felt a need to re-allocate road space to public transport.

Overall, respondents most favoured a bypass option with other sustainable / active travel options. A combination of Option 2 – bypass with junctions to the existing network –  and Option 5  – sustainable travel and active travel measures – were the favourites.

Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, Dr Nik Johnson:

“The A141 is a key route and how we develop it in partnership with the community and local councils must be at the heart of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s greenprint for the future. I’m delighted that the people surveyed share my ambition to make it safer for all road users, whether pedestrians, cyclists, or equestrians, as well as drivers.

“Cycling and walking safely in good quality fresh air, on roads that put people before motor vehicles will play a big part in public health, now and in future. This survey is  a snapshot of a community’s passion for greener, cleaner transport.  People who live in the area are the best judges of what works for them – and they’re telling us that they want a future where a more human-centred A141 serves communities better and is shared more fairly – not just by cars and lorries, but by everyone in a healthier, safer and sustainable way.”

Next steps towards getting the A141 improvement come when the completed Options Assessment Report and the Strategic Outline Business Case are submitted to the Board of the Combined Authority in October.