Welcome to the Business Board. The Business Board works with businesses, education, and local authority partners to drive economic growth, secure inward investment and protect and create jobs across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

The Board is the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) for our region and is made up of local business leaders and elected local leaders who are passionate about supporting businesses.

Not only does the Business Board ensure that businesses across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are given a voice and the opportunity to influence and advise the Mayoral Combined Authority it is also responsible for determining local economic priorities.

The Business Board comprises a fantastic team of industry executives and key opinion leaders not only within our region but also with national and international networks, interests and focus. We have representatives from key sectors of our economy including life sciences and healthcare, agri-tech and agri-food and advanced manufacturing. We also have strong academic expertise. We take our responsibility for advising the Combined Authority Board most seriously and ensure that the voice of business is at the heart of the organisation.


I am extremely proud to have been elected the new Business Board Chair and look forward to ensuring the combined skills and experience of the board are fully utilised in supporting our region with our growth ambitions and within that, that we can further build on our regional Digital, Life Sciences, Agri-tech and Advanced Manufacturing strategies and expertise.

It is important that the Business Board has the capability and experience to deliver cross-sector and also geographically across the region so that it can engage with, gather intelligence and consult with the widest business voice.

There is now a significant opportunity for the Business Board to further influence the industrial future of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and be leading the way in standing up for the needs of businesses in the area.

After three years on the Business Board I am already very passionate about the potential for positive impact the Board can deliver but I’m also very mindful that alongside those opportunities there are challenging times ahead. Now more than ever we want to ensure we maximise the opportunity for sustainable economic growth across the region, support investment and act as a cohesive voice.

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