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Community Led Housing

The Community Led Housing team support communities across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to deliver their own affordable housing. View our Community Led Housing Case Studies here.

Staughton Green

from Great Staughton CLT

Great Staughton Community Land Trust is currently awaiting planning permission to build 12 affordable homes on land at the edge of the village.

The Trust, which is the first development partnership of its kind in Huntingdonshire, set itself up in 2018, after identifying in their Village Plan the need to provide affordable homes for local people and key workers, who play a vital role in the community, and who would normally be unable to afford to live there.

Great Staughton CLT are partnering with a Housing Association, Chrous Homes and Huntingdonshire District Council to deliver this project.

Community Benefits:

  • 12 affordable homes

Ovins Rise

from Haddenham CLT

Haddenham Community Land Trust (Haddenham CLT) formed in June 2016 with the aim is to give people who live and work in the village more say in how they want the village to develop.

Haddenham CLT have formed a partnership with local property developer Palace Green Homes to build 54 new homes at Ovins Rise, 19 of which are affordable homes owned by Haddenham CLT, and reserved for local people living and/ or working in Haddenham or Aldreth.

These affordable homes are distributed throughout the development, to create a balanced community. The inclusion of a footpath/cycleway to services and amenities in Haddenham has also been a key factor when new residents started to move into their new homes in February 2021.

Community Benefits:

  • 19 affordable homes
  • a central play space and plenty of green spaces

More's Meadow

from Great Shelford Parochial Charities

Great Shelford Parochia Charities, a local almshouse charity, are developing a wholly affordable scheme of 21 homes at 50% of market rates in their village.

The innovative design is sensitive to the surrounding area with curved grass roofs, a central green area and cars positioned at the side of the development. The homes are positioned for maximum daylight with air source heat pumps to achieve maximum energy efficiency and low running costs for residents.

Community Benefits:

  • 21 affordable homes
  • New community garden
  • Improved allotments, orchards and parkland
  • Enhanced public access to the surrounding greenbelt

Kennett Garden Village

from Kennett Community Land Trust

Kennett Community Land Trust has secured planning permission for a 500-home sustainable, low-density ‘garden village’ style development.

The Trust undertook extensive community engagement to ensure key issues with the village were brought into the design. In the long-term the Trust will take ownership of affordable homes and community amenities and reinvest future surpluses back into the community.

Community Benefits:

  • 150 affordable homes
  • New perimeter road taking HGV traffic away from the village
  • New village centre and green
  • New primary school buildings
  • Enterprise park offering local employment opportunities
  • 30 acres of open green spaces, including allotments, orchards, playgrounds & cycle paths

Manor Farm

from Stretham & Wilburton Community Land Trust

Stretham & Wilburton Community Land Trust has completed a 75 home development in Stretham. The Trust now owns and manages 23 high-quality affordable homes for local people.

The Trust set itself up in 2012, governed by a mix of Stretham and Wilburton residents, and nominees from both Stretham and Wilburton
Parish Councils.

The Trust managed to secure a development partner and landowner willing to work with the community.  Together they undertook extensive community consultation and produced a high quality, architect designed scheme that captured the wants and needs of local people.

Community Benefits:

  • 23 affordable homes
  • Homes feature characteristics valued most  by the community
  • Extensive green spaces
  • Flexible business units
  • Land for new GP surgery


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