The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority is committed to giving local people the skills and training they need to improve their life chances and drive inclusive regional growth. We are working with local businesses to understand their skills needs and to identify the most prominent skills gaps across our three regional sub economies.

The Combined Authority continues to prioritise ways to upskill and train local people, including supporting the establishment of a new University in Peterborough with skills offers driven by local employer demand in both public and private sectors, encouraging and growing apprenticeships, and by working to increase employer demand.

The Combined Authority understands the unique circumstances of local people, employers, communities and the suppliers of education and training including independent training providers, Further Education Colleges and local authorities. We want to support learners and their families in aspiration.

Our goal is to:

  • achieve a high-quality offer tailored to the needs of the three regional sub-economies (Fenland, Peterborough and South Cambridgeshire)
  • empower local people to access education and skills to participate fully in society, to raise aspirations and enhance progress into further learning to work
  • develop a dynamic skills market that responds to the changing needs of local business

You can read the Local Skills Report and its Annex online.

Our Skills projects

Careers Education

We believe that every school, college, and provider within our area can achieve a high standard of delivery for careers education, information, advice, and guidance (CEIAG).

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Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information is a key part of our insight into which sectors are most in need of skilled workforce, and which career paths are most needed in the region as a whole

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Employment & Skills

Skills Advisory Panels (SAP) are local partnerships that work to identify and address local skills priorities. They aim to strengthen the link between employers and skills providers.

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We encourage employers and training providers to work together to provide high quality apprenticeships for people in our region.

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Covid Support Packages

We have provided a range of Covid Support packages to boost the job market after Covid-19

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ARU Peterborough

A new £30 million university set to open its doors in 2022

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