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Covid Support Packages

Read more about our Covid Support Packages below:

Traineeship Incentives

Designed to help young people who want to get an apprenticeship or job but don’t yet have appropriate skills or experience.

Study based programmes, combined with work placements, which give young people the opportunity to develop workplace skills and experience; putting them in a better position to compete for future vacancies and opportunities.

Currently an incentive per placement of £1000 (limit of 10 incentive payments per employer)

Redundancy Support Services for Apprenticeships

The coronavirus pandemic has caused some organisations to make redundancies, leaving experienced, work-ready apprentices without an employer. The Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices, offers advice and help in finding new opportunities.

Kickstart Placement

High quality six-month work placements in ‘new’ jobs, aimed at those aged 16 to 24 who are currently out of work and are deemed to be at risk of long-term unemployment

100% of wages are subsidised at National Minimum Wage for up to 25 hours, NI contributions and auto enrolment cost. £1500 of funding is available for on the job start-up costs for example uniform, hard hat, IT equipment and other practical materials and training.

High Value Courses

It is well documented that young people are some of the hardest hit by the Global Pandemic. The CPCA has been awarded £244,936 to offer enhanced high value courses for 18 and 19 year olds who have left school but are not going in to Higher Education or are unable to secure a job, due to the impacts of the pandemic.

This funding will offer them the opportunity to remain in education for a further year whilst they complete a course up to level 3 that will support them in entering the labour market upon completion.

Sector Based Work Academies

The CPCA has been awarded further £241,361 of funding for Sector Based Work Academies. This programme is designed to help meet local employers’ immediate and future recruitment needs as well as to recruit a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow their business.

A sector-based work academy can last up to 6 weeks and has 3 main components:

  • Pre-employment training – relevant to the needs of the business and sector
  • Work experience placement – of great benefit to both the individual and a business
  • Guaranteed job interview

Participants are referred to the scheme by JCP with the aim of upskilling and going on to sustainable employment.


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