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CAM Sub Strategy

What is the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro?

CAM is an important component of the overarching Local Transport Plan vision and the Combined Authority’s overarching transport strategy as it will provide high quality, high frequency metro services, delivering a step change in connectivity.

The vision is for an expansive metro-style network that seamlessly connects regional settlements,
major city fringe employment sites and key satellite growth areas across the region with key railway stations and Cambridge city centre, helping to nurture and sustain long-term regional economic growth. 

The CAM network will comprise both tunnelled and surface elements and will be delivered over the next decade:
  • The City Tunnel Section, will include new underground tunnels and stations under the city of Cambridge, with planned major interchange hubs at the city centre and at Cambridge railway station;
  • Four regional routes will connect St Neots, Alconbury, Mildenhall and Haverhill with the city of Cambridge and, through the central tunnelled section, with each other.
If you have further questions about the CAM please visit our FAQ page

Watch the CAM video here

What is the draft CAM Sub Strategy? 
The draft CAM sub-strategy is a daughter document of the Local Transport Plan and describes the policy framework for the CAM.  The document aims to ensure that individual components of the CAM metro network, are fully compliant with a coherent and consistent overall vision for the network.

You can view the full draft CAM Sub Strategy by clicking here.

What is the CAM Sub Strategy consultation? 
The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority is currently consulting on its draft Local Transport Plan Sub Strategy  (link) for the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro.  This sub strategy forms part of the Combined Authority’s wider Local Transport Plan strategy to deliver a world-class transport network for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough that supports sustainable growth and opportunity for all. 

James Palmer, Mayor of the Combined Authority said;
“This document for the first time sets out in detail the vision for the CAM as a whole system. It forms part of the Mayoral Combined Authority’s wider plan to deliver a world-class transport network for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough that supports sustainable growth and opportunity for all. Our earlier community consultation on the Cambridge tunnels showed how excited people are by this project. I’m looking forward to getting more feedback on this policy vision for a joined-up region where world-leading, fast, low-carbon public transport is an option for all.” 

It clear that the interaction between the proposed Cambourne to Cambridge scheme and East West Rail needs to be fully understood to ensure that the two schemes will genuinely complement each other.  It is also necessary that individual components of the CAM network should be fully integrated into the overall vision for the metro.

The CAM Sub Strategy consultation is structured in two parts: (i) vision and objectives; and (ii) questions about you, so we ensure that we consider feedback from all stakeholders and communities.

Have your say - go direct to the consultation.

The CAM Sub Strategy consultation questionnaire will take up to 15 minutes to complete the multiple-choice questions.  In addition, we have included some open-ended comment boxes should you wish to provide more specific or detailed feedback.

If you have any questions, you can still contact the project team via

  • Telephone: 01223 608001
  • Email: cam@consultation-online.co.uk
  • Post: FREEPOST CAM CONSULTATION (no stamp required)
Consultation Timescales 
The Combine Authority is undertaking a digital (online) public consultation of the Local Transport: CAM sub strategy from Monday, 4th May 2020 until Friday 17th July (at 1700hrs)

What is the Local Transport Plan?
The Local Transport Plan (LTP) was published in March 2020 and was the first for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  The Plan describes how transport interventions will help to address current and future challenges and opportunities for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  It sets out the overarching policies and strategies needed to secure growth and ensure that planned large-scale development can take place in the county in a sustainable way.

The LTP provides a robust platform for the planning and delivery of the Combined Authority’s ambitious programme of priority transport schemes.  The Combined Authority continues to work closely with its partners in spatial planning and the delivery of transport priorities to identify the most appropriate time to refresh the LTP and/or its supporting daughter documents.

Hasn’t a CAM public consultation already taken place?
The Combined Authority underwent a non statutory public consultation with stakeholders and the public to seek your views on:
  1. The need for and benefits of CAM and
  2. The potential route alignments for the City Tunnel Section of CAM
The feedback to this consultation was published on 2nd May and can be found here.
What happens after the CAM Sub Strategy consultation?
The consultation will provide valuable information which will be taken the Combined Authority Board meeting on 29th July 2020.  A decision will be made whether to adopt the Local Transport Plan CAM Sub Strategy at that point.

You can view the full draft CAM Sub Strategy by clicking here.