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Better Business for All


BBfA is a partnership between business and national and local regulatory bodies with the aim of improving and simplifying the way in which regulatory compliance is delivered by relevant businesses. 

The BBfA partnership aims to help all business, but is specifically designed to help start-up, SME and local growing businesses get to grips with and simply implement relevant regulation. 

The underlying principle of BBfA is the simple fact that compliant business have clearly demonstrated that they are safer, more professional and capable of delivering products and services to their customers. Similarly, they are safer and more professional and capable of looking after employees.  Through BBfA we aim to ensure that future customers and employees of businesses that will contribute to their growth, will do so with the certain knowledge that they are well run, safe and compliant businesses.

BBfA is locally led as a partnership between regulatory bodies, local business leaders and local organisations such as the FSB, Chamber of Commerce and the all-important Growth Hubs who are there to help stimulate business start-up, sustainability and growth.

Growth Hubs are a great place to get business support and advice, especially for smaller or start-up businesses and often they can help you navigate through both business and regulatory challenges. 

Businesses can form a partnership with a local authority to provide advice other local regulators must respect.

Primary Authority, launched in 2009, to make the local regulation of businesses operating at multiple premises across the UK more consistent. Building on the success of the scheme the eligibility criteria for Primary Authority has been expanded and from 1 October 2017 all businesses can now benefit from Primary Authority. More information on this can be found at; http://bit.ly/primary-auth

To find out more visit www.bbfa.biz or email hello@signpost2grow.co.uk and discuss with a Growth Hub adviser. 

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