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Soham Rail

Soham Station was closed in 1968, and since then the people of this growing market town have not had a rail connection.

Why is it important?

  • Soham is a growing market town, with housing and job opportunities increasing quickly
  • Without a rail connection this will place extra pressure on roads, buses and the local environment
  • We are committed to providing practical links to public transport networks across the region, to help people travel in a sustainable and convenient way
  • Without a rail connection to nearby towns, job opportunities for the people of Soham are fewer, stifling economic growth

What difference will it make?

Reopening a station in Soham aims to:

  • make rail travel easy for people in Soham and the nearby villages
  • encourage growth, housing and jobs in the area
  • link Soham to nearby communities

What happens next?

Soham Station is currently under construction, and is due to be completed ahead of schedule, by December 2021.

Working with Network Rail, we accelerated the programme by overlapping stages in the project process, completing some requirements at the same time instead of one after the other.

When do I have a say?

The project is now in construction, after several rounds of public consultation.

If you have comments at any time, get in touch using the Contact Us form.

Where can I learn more?

You can watch a virtual flythrough of the new station below:



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